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Optimizing additional landing pages and digital experiences

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CVRx is a long-standing client with The Experience Design Studio (XDS). XDS created their patient and healthcare facing websites several years ago and we have been adding to and refining their digital ecosystem ever since. Below are several examples of different digital optimization and digital marketing projects we have worked on with CVRx. Please note that these projects are still in progress so they will have some "lorem ipsum" text and placeholder data.


UX/UI Designer


Adobe XD, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Creative Direction and Collaborators:

Tiffany Brynn, Mike Kabok, Douglas Rockhill, Chen Reichert, Olivia Smith, Megan Jones

BeAT-HF Study
CVRx + Barostim™

BeAT-HF Study Results Landing Page

Inspired by Shockwave's data presentation, CVRx and XDS aimed to make their clinical data page simpler and more engaging for healthcare professionals. We moved from data-heavy displays to engaging storytelling, incorporating a "by the numbers" section for at a glance results information and profiles of primary investigators. CVRx wanted to emphasize extended lives and positive outcomes. Key focus areas include study design, six-month endpoints, and the importance of NT-proBNP results. To enhance website dynamics, we added a module for a case study video as well as a case study location finder. Overall, we wanted to maximizing healthcare professionals engagement and interest in CVRx's clinical trials.

CVRx + Barostim™


CVRx's brand is light and bright with a simple layout. We made sure to follow the brand guidelines, but still kept major data points clear and concise. We kept headlines short and all text inline with their branding, and used imagery sparingly. Because this is a healthcare professional facing site, it was important to keep it direct and focus on the data modules


Hubspot Landing Page

The client set up this simplified landing page for patients finding them through search engine marketing. They wanted to do some A/B testing on which content would draw the most users in and create conversions to their qualification form. We were tasked with including the form as close to the fold as possible, with a full size hero image. Our initial wireframes had the form built into the page, as well as within the header. We wanted to give the user one task on this page–to fill out the qualification form. We kept it simple, with CTAs anchor linking to the form. We also offered a third option for returning users that had no form focus but offered rich content downloads and variable content.

CVRx + Barostim™

Final Design

The final design ensured that the form was well above the fold, with a client provided image that spoke to patients. The most challenging piece was ensuring that the client could eventually edit this page on their own, thus requiring us to keep the layout simple. An additional barrier was a third party creating the form design. Ultimately the form had to stay at a fixed length, providing some design challenged with the overlap and header image.

Patient Ambassador
CVRx + Barostim™

Patient Ambassador User Flows

CVRx currently has a patient testimonials page on their live site, but was looking to expand it into an ambassador program. We were tasked with creating a user journey through a potential ambassador connection, and see how that flow would pan out. This goal for this new (and in-progress) user journey was to help patients connect better with each other, and with the brand. This work was done in phases, with phase 1 being a simple screener that lead to a manual email management system. Phase 2 helps to automate that and bring patients together faster.

CVRx + Barostim™

Phase 2

Phase 2 was broken down into two different options. Two screener surveys were necessary in Phase 2, and option 1 drives the user to each individual ambassador page after the initial screener. Then the user would read about the ambassador and then ensure they are qualified to connect. Once the second screener is complete the user is directed to an external link for scheduling.

CVRx + Barostim™

Phase 2, but a Little Different

The second option of Phase 2 was to prompt the user with a second screener right off the bat, in hopes that it would narrow down their choice of ambassador and take away some of the mental load. In doing so, the page would utilize a screener survey above the fold with the ambassadors auto populating to show narrowed options after the survey was complete. This option also shows the first screener survey as a pop up. We did this in hopes that it might allow the client to eventually remove this first screener and create a smoother experience.

User Testing

User testing

Aside from the additional digital marketing projects for CVRx, the UX team wanted to gain insights into how well the main patient facing website was doing. XDS did the design with a pre-established brand guide a few years ago, making several updates along the way. Looking at HotJar and Google Analytics we found great results with the site including high percentages of scrolling down the page and correct usage of the floating CTA and main navigation. There were, of course, a few areas for improvement outlined below.

CVRx + Barostim™

Issue #1: Simple, quick UX and UI fixes

  • Introduce a CTA in first section under the header on homepage

  • Elevate “Other FAQs” section so that it is at the top of the page instead of the very bottom, most users only interact with this section

  • Introduce easier to find “Contact us” CTAs

  • Overall note – evaluate accessibility as a whole for this brand, most notably button accessibility

CVRx + Barostim™

Issue #2: Optimizing the current concierge page

  • Messaging suggests user submitted a form already, instead of leading into the form. 

  • Overall, rework the copy so that user is more inclined to sign up

  • Think about elevating the form to the top of the page for quicker access to user, and round out the entire form experience 

  • Also consider elevating testimonials/patient stories – Users are likely more interested in this. 

  • Solve form functionality – users have to click twice to see the doctors list

  • Add in next steps after user fills in/selects the form–could be a CTA to direct user to another page such as patient testimonials